Katarzyna Czyżycka. Polish speech therapist in Hamburg.

Polish speech therapist in Hamburg, Germany. Katarzyna Czyżycka. Speech e-therapy online by Skype for children with speech impediments, delayed speech development, autism and Asperger syndrome living e.g. in the UK (England) or in USA. Speech therapy online for children with dyslexia and different neurological diseases from Canada. Speech therapy for adults suffering from aphasia resulted from a brain injury. Speech therapy for bilingual and multi-lingual children living e.g. in Australia. Early learning to read online by Skype for small children by the Cracow Method of Professor Cieszyńska. Speech therapy over Internet for children suffering from autism.

I am a speech therapist. I graduated from Pedagogical University of Cracow. As a student, I was a volunteer in the Ludwik Rydygier Memorial Specialised Hospital in Cracow at the Rehabilitation Unit, where I took care of the people after strokes and brain injuries. I was also a speech reeducation therapist at U Siemachy Association in Cracow. I also took part in the rehabilitation of patients for Anna Dymna’s Foundation Against the Odds as well as for the Socio-Cultural Foundation Remedium. I worked with dyslectic and autistic children, and with those having neurological problems by using a simultaneous and sequential method. For several years I worked for a few kindergartens and day care centers in Cracow. I also cooperated with the Iskra Foundation, Polish Red Cross, Agaja Therapy Centre and the Unimedica Medical Centre. I am an expert working for a bejbej.pl portal. Mainly, I work with disabled children and with adults who need help to communicate with the world. Now I live and work in Hamburg, Germany.